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Luggage Rules
Luggage Rules Generally, airlines can transport 10 kg of luggage for free with a charge for extra weight. Carry-on luggage cannot exceed two pieces. Each piece cannot exceed a maximum weight of 8kg and a size measuring 23x35x55cm. Luggage that exceeds these limits should be checked in (the regulations on luggage delivery and the size and weight of carry-on luggage vary with each airlines; please consult with your airlines in advance for details). The airlines have the right to reject the luggage if it is not well packed or if the content is vulnerable and fragile.

The following items cannot be carried onboard: gel, hairspray, bottled alcohol such as medical alcohol, mosquito repellent, liquor, sprayer, knives and sharp objects, rods, explosives, weapons and should be checked in. Please consult with the airlines for details in advance.

The following items are prohibited from being carried onboard: inflammables (gasoline, diesel, cleaning naphtha, kerosene, bottled gas, spray paint, a large amount of plastic lighters, matches, industrial solvent, and other items prone to ignite under room temperature), compressed gas containers (insecticide spray, lubricant, gas cartridge, etc.), corrosives (aqua regia, strong acid/base, mercury, fluoride, etc.), magnetic materials (permanent magnet and any item that will generate high magnetic fields), toxic materials (toxic chemicals/gas, cyanide, weed killer, pesticide, and active filterable virus, etc.), explosive, strong oxidants (bleaching liquid/powder, wet cell, industrial hydrogen peroxide, and other materials that involve intense oxidization), radioactive materials (uranium, iodine, cesium, cobalt , and tritium that contain ionizing radiation, and radionuclide), briefcases with alarm devices, and other items that may affect aviation security.
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