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Prohibited Items
Prohibited Items Prohibition on the Use of Electronic Devices Luggage Rules
Prohibition on the Use of Electronic Devices
Prohibition on the Use of Electronic Devices All operations of an airplane depend on its avionic equipment once it takes off. Any subtle interference will impact the accuracy and may therefore cause an air crash. To maintain aviation security, Article 43 of the Civil Aviation Act stipulates that electronic devices that will interfere with avionic equipment shall be prohibited. According to Article 102, those who violate this rule will be given a five-year sentence at most, detention, or fined 150,000 NTD at most; a violation that causes a death(s) will involve a 7-year to life sentence.

Prohibited items include: mobile phones, CD players, remote controls, B.B. Call, laptops and accessories, radios, electric razors, citizen band radios, video recorders, video players, television sets, video games, calculators, and cameras.
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