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About the Wangan Airport
About the Wangan Airport
The construction of Wang-An Airport was started in January 1978 and was completed near the end of the same year. The airport was originally managed by Penghu County Government. Took over management of CAA the airport on May 11 , 1991, and the airport was then promoted to an Auxiliary Airport. There new departure lounge building began its operation in June 1994 and the old building was renovated as airport offices. The improvement in providing better passenger services was positively accepted by the local residents. The original runway was constructed of bituminous material and had weathered severely. For safety,the runway was closed for reconstruction from March 10, to December 17 of 1996. The new runway surface is made out of PC and is 821 meters long and 23 meters wide.
  • Wangan Airport management aid station contact information:
  • TEL:+886-6-9991806
  • FAX:+886-6-9991624
  • Address:No156,Jhung She Village, wan-an Township Penghu County (88241)
‧Information counter:Monday ~ Friday 0830~1230,1330-1730
‧Telephone:+886-6-9991806 ‧FAX:+886-6-9991624
‧Address:88241 No.156, zhong-she, Wang-an Township, Penghu County 882, Taiwan (R.O.C.) ‧e-mail : Director mail
‧Service items:Flies the information、Traveling consultation、Air station information
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