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Prohibited Items
Prohibited Items Prohibition on the Use of Electronic Devices Luggage Rules
Prohibited Items
Prohibited Items
Prohibited items in carry-on/checked bags.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the aircraft. Cell phones, citizens' band radio, all kinds of remote control transmitters (such as the remote control of toys), CD players and other transmitting devices cannot be used anytime on planes. In addition, electronic devices such as screen recorders, video game consoles, laptops and accessories, calculators, radios, televisions, electronic razors, etc. cannot be used anytime on planes during domestic flights; on planes of international flight, those devices should be turned off during take-off and landing (below 10000 feet).
For safety reasons, the following items are not allowed to take on board:
List of prohibited items
1、Compressed gas Bas cylinders, Scuba tanks, spray paint, insect repellents, etc.
2、Corrosive materials Acids, alkalis, mercury, lead-acid batteries, etc.
3、Explosive items Guns and firearms, fireworks, firecrackers, flares, etc.
4、Flammable items Fuels, matches, paints, firelighters, etc.
5、Radioactive materials  
6、Briefcases and security type attaché cases with installed alarm devices  
7、Oxidizing materials Liquid bleach, bleaching powder, hydrogen peroxide, etc.
8、Toxic and infectious materials Insecticides, weed killers, viruses, etc.
9、Other dangerous items Magnetic materials (magnets) and incapacitating or irritating materials (such as knives, martial arts weapons, bows and arrows, self-defense sprays, etc.)
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