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About the Qimei Airport

About the Qimei Airport
In order to improve the traffic for the people who live on off-shore island, Penghu County Government began to construct and manage Qimei airport in 1977. Meanwhile, the two air routes were approved and started to operate by Yong-Xing airline, including: Kaohsiung air route and Magong air route. So was Taiwan airline in 1998. Since then, people had one more way of reaching their destination by air other than by sea. CAA took over the operation of the airport since May 11th, 1996 and constructed Qimei management aid station. In order to improve the quality of air travel, CAA started the construction of a new airport lobby in July,1993 and it was finished in June,1994. The runway was made of asphalt and seriously damaged. So the runway was rebuilt for safety from May 5th,1995 to November 23rd 1995. The new runway was made of PC. The length of runway is 783m, and the width is 23m.
  • Qimei management aid station contact information:
  • TEL:+886-6-9971256
  • FAX:+886-6-9971229
  • Address:No.55 Ping-He village, Qimei village, Penghu county. (88341)
‧Information counter:Monday ~ Friday 0830~1230,1330-1730
‧Telephone:+886-6-9971256 ‧FAX:+886-6-9971229
‧Address:88341No.55,Ping-He, Qimei Township, Penghu County 883, Taiwan (R.O.C.) ‧e-mail : Director mail
‧Service items:Flies the information、Traveling consultation、Air station information