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Contact (Airport Units)
‧Penghu Airport

  • Magong Branch of Aviation Police Station:+886-6-9229110
  • Penghu Airport TEL(Operator):+886-6-9228188
  • Penghu Airport FAX:+886-6-9229174
  • Flight information system via telephone and fax reply:+886-6-9228112
  • Director
  • Add:No. 126-5, Aimen Village, Husi Township, Penghu County (88593)
Airlines Counter Booking line Freight station
Mandarin Airlines +886-6-9228692 +886-2-4128008 +886-6-9228695
Uni Air +886-6-9228986 +886-2-25086999 +886-6-9228965
Daily Air +886-6-9228801 +886-7-8014711  
‧Chimei Airport

  • Aviation police station Chimei branch:+886-6-9971956
  • Chimei Airport TEL(Operator):+886-6-9971256
  • Chimei Airport FAX:+886-6-9971229
  • Director
  • Add:88341No.55, Heping, Qimei Township, Penghu County 883, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Daily Air Corporation:+886-6-9971241
‧Wangan Airport

  • Wangan Branch of Aviation Police Station:+886-6-9991173
  • Wangan Airportt TEL(Operator):+886-6-9991806
  • Wangan Airport FAX:+886-6-9991624
  • Director
  • Add:88241 No.165, zhong-she, Wang-an Township, Penghu County 882, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Daily Air Corporation:+886-6-9991009
‧Penghu Airport Related station phone
  • National Immigration Agency Office TEL:+886-6-9228710  . FAX:+886-6-9228711
  • Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine TEL:+886-6-9228730  . FAX:+886-6-9228779
  • Customs Office
  • Telephone number of military police TEL:+886-6-9212163~918889
  • CPC Cooperation, Taiwan TEL:+886-6-9228836  . FAX:+886-6-9228837
  • Parking lot TEL:+886-6-9228721
  •  Pengfang duty free shop Operator TEL:+886-6-9228686
    Sales point (Extension number of Pengfang)100、101。
    Extension number of boutiques 200、201。
    Extension number of perfume shop 202
    Goods Collection Point (Extension number of Pengfang)120
  • Vivi Café on 2F TEL:+886-6-9228585 or 130
  • Ri Sheng Rentals on 1F TEL:+886-6-9228788
  • Tourist Information Counter on 1F TEL:+886-6-9228115
  • Shooting the Breeze Caf'e on 1F  TEL:+886-6-9228188#501
  • Long Yuan Bakery on 2F TEL:+886-6-9228500

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‧Information counter: 07:00 am - The daily last flight take off  Telephone:(+886) 6-922-9123
‧Office Service Hours: 8:30 am - 12:30 pm; 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm (Mon - Fri)
‧Telephone:+886-6-9228188   FAX:(+886) 6-922-9124 Email
‧Address: No. 126-5, Aimen Village, Husi Township, Penghu County (88593) Best View by 1280 x 768
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